2014 May Car of the Month - Clint Debusk

Clint Debusk's black 1969 Ford Mustang
Clint Debusk's 1969 Ford Mustang
My first 1969 mustang was purchased in 1977 from my next door neighbor for $775. They wanted $800 but a lower price was negotiated.
That first mustang brought me through high school along with a unreliable 1968 Firebird and my 1973 ford truck inherited from my grandad.
With more than 100k miles driven the first three years of ownership the car had proven itself as a great car.
I left my hometown after high-school with only what would fit in that old 69. It was 10 years old and parts were getting scarce since at the time Detroit considered a  10 year old car obsolete.
And since I was in a construction career the old car was not practical. So I purchased a 1975 F150 4wd for work. The car sat at home.
One night the Neighbor left his yard sprinkler on all night and a large tree had lost footing and landed on the old 69 and that was it for the old girl after all the miles keeping me safe.
Fast forward to the 80s.
A friend had a 69 for sale and after negotiations I purchased it for $1500 and did a lot of fix up. At this time parts were starting to become available from after market sources.
I joined a new club in Austin called MOCA and attended several car shows.
As with the first 69 I moved on with my life and got married and had kids and the car sat.
One night there was a big ice storm and I heard a big crash and it again was a large tree that put a end to that old 69.
Fast forward to 2006.
After a long drawn out divorce and kids almost grown I set out to replace that old 69.
After a exhaustive search I found 69 #3 in Seattle Washington 2500 miles away
She is factory raven black on black with deluxe black interior with a 4 speed ,351c, and this one cost much more than. #1 or #2. Now parts are readily available and I am once again a member of MOCA Old #3 stays in a garage away from trees when not on a Sunday cruse or at a weekend car show. Hope this one stays around long enough for the next generation of 69 lovers.

2014 April Car of the Month - Richard Brimer

Richard's 1966 Mustang Convertible
Richard Brimer's 1966 Mustang Convertible

This is my 3rd 1966 Mustang. The first one I purchased when I was in High School in Dallas in 1971 for the princely sum of $750. It was metallic green with a black vinyl top
and an in-line 6 cylinder engine. Later I sold it and after a brief flirtation with a new car, I purchased another coupe and owned it long enough to need to restore it. The winter salt
in Maryland was not kind to it. About ten years later when it was in need of a great deal of engine and transmission work I sold it to someone who was in a better position to give
it the loving care it needed than I was. But, I vowed to my wife to own another one!
About a year ago I started looking for a replacement and after searching all over Central Texas and as far as Houston I found a convertible that was in great physical condition and
ran well. It also had another important characteristic that I was looking for, it was almost a 100% period car. Some parts such as the carburetor, exhaust, and air conditioning are
upgrades from 1966. But for the most part the car retains its period flavor. I drive it every weekend and keep it garaged during the week.
It draws favorable comments and looks from everyone who sees me in it.
Many people have told me that they have owned early period Mustangs in the past and have regretted selling them. I know exactly how they feel!
I hope to continue to take it on Cruises and perhaps enter it in shows once in a while. Right now I am on the road to the 50th Anniversary event in Charlotte and can’t wait to
see what others are doing with their cars.

2014 March Car of the Month - Michael and Kathy Ranger

Michael and Kathy's 2008 Shelby GT

I guess I could be called a Mustang fanatic. I have owned a Mustang since 1972, the year I graduated high school. My first car was a lime green 1967 Mustang Fastback with a 289 automatic. Since then, I have had another 67 Fastback that was Lime Green and a 69 coupe with a vinyl roof, which have since been sold. In 1986, Kathy and I purchased a 1967 GTA Mustang Convertible. It came with the S-Code option (390 cu. in. engine), disc brakes, air conditioning, and console. Five years ago, I was going to have a friend who had a restoration shop that went out of business because of economy restore the car. He told me to take the car apart and he would work on the car that winter. Well, it ended up he did not have the time to work on the car and it has been sitting in our shop ever since.
On June 11, 2013, I retired and decided to attempt to restore the convertible, but I told Kathy it would take a while and wanted to get another Mustang to participate in the MOCA event and car shows. So, I started looking online for a 2001 Bullitt, an 03 Cobra, or Mach 1 and found several cars and showed them to Kathy. She said she really did not care for that body style and preferred the 67, and 68 Fastback. The ones we found that we like were out of our price range, so a little light went off in my head. Shelby made a Shelby GT for 3 years and they resemble the 67-68 fastback and I have always wanted a Shelby so went looking and found 3 2008 Vista Blue Shelby GT's in the country with less than 15,000 mile 1 in CA, 1 in NY and 1 in CT. My parents were having their 60th Wedding anniversary in Carmel, CA. A retired police officer had one of the Shelby GT's in San Francisco, so we made a deal to buy the car and I would pick it up when I was in CA. So I picked up the car and drove it around the Monterey Bay area and to my parents anniversary and to Laguna Seca Raceway. Then the car was shipped by closed transport to our home in Marble Falls TX.
Not many people know about the Shelby GT. It does not have the 5.4 and a blower, it comes with 4.6 and is naturally aspirated, and it was not named the Shelby GT350 because Caroll Shelby owned that name and wanted to produce one of his own, which he did. The first Shelby GTs were the 2006 Shelby GT-H ( Hertz rental cars), all Shelby GTs were transformed into a Shelby at Shelby American and given a CSM number from Shelby. Shelby GTs were made from 2006 to 2008.
Ford Racing Performance Group provided Shelby its FR1 Power Pack to add 25 horsepower to the existing Mustang GT powertrain with an additional 10 ft/lb of torque. The package included a 90mm Cold Air kit, Muffler Kit, a new X-pipe and Ford Racing "GTA" axle-back mufflers. The Ford Shelby GT also was provided with the Ford Racing Handling Pack (FR3) which included specially tuned dampers, lowering springs, sway bars, strut tower brace and a Ford Racing 3.55:1 ratio rear axle assembly.
Thanks to MOCA for electing our 2008 Shelby GT "Car of the Month" and that our cars were meant to be driven, not trailered.
Michael and Kathy Ranger

2014 February Car of the Month - John Barbian

A picture of John's 2008 Mustang 2008
John Barbian's 2008 GT

My 2008 Mustang GT was a 50th birthday present from my wife which I got a little early since she found a great deal while my daughter had her Edge at the dealer for service. It was a total surprise and just got handed the keys which I thought was just a “test drive” vehicle. After looking over the car, I realized it was from a Lewisville, TX dealer so it was really mine. I installed custom rims and wider rear tires. My pony got a little extra power with cold air kit and Magnaflow cat-back exhaust with a custom tune. It is so pretty, I decided to join MOCA to enjoy activities with great people centered around Mustangs.


2014 January Car of the Month - James Herron

James Herron's 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake

I have always loved Mustangs and have owned 3 different mid 60’s versions from coupes to convertibles but I have always wanted a 1967 or 1968 big block fastback. I looked at buying a GT500 continuation model from Unique Performance but the starting price of $225,000 and six month lead time and a friend whispering in my ear that we could build one started my dream.

On my sons first birthday I bought a 1967 fastback with a 302 engine. It was a nice looking car on the outside and it ran well but there were a few rust issues. One year later I tore it down and put the body on a rotisserie and had it sand blasted. There was no turning back now, I wanted to build the best possible muscle car that I could dream up.

We had to replace a few panels and floor pans to eliminate all rust then fit an all new aluminum 427 FE engine stroked and bored to 482 cubic inches and built by Shelby Enterprises. This was a very expensive piece of the re-build and I decided to fly out to California and discuss what I wanted. I requested that they match the Shelby Engine CSX number to the VIN of my Mustang and that Carroll Shelby also sign my dash plate which they did and they also gave me a certificate of authenticity (for a small donation to the Shelby Children’s Foundation).

I’m lucky enough to have received this prior to Mr. Shelby passing away. I made this massive power house the center of the build and fitted everything else around it and the Shelby name. I decided to paint the car using the same stripe dimensions that were on the “one and only” Shelby Super Snake ever built with a 427 engine that recently sold at auction for $1.5 million. I went a step further and continued these Super Snake stripes under the hood and trunk lid. The finished product is now a tribute to the GT500 Super Snake but is far better than the original with the following improvements:

The 427 engine is All aluminum and stroked and bored to 482 cubic inches with right at 600 HP and has matching numbers to the Mustang.
Tremec TKO 5 speed transmission with high performance hydraulic clutch
Front and rear coil over suspension with Ford 9” posi-track 325 gear rearend
Four wheel disc brakes with Shelby logo front calipers
Power rack and pinion steering from Total Control Products
Air conditioning from Vintage air
Shelby signed dash plate
Shelby signed 200 MPH gauge cluster
Shelby signed front bucket seats
Shelby signed center console
Shelby signed foot pedals
Shelby signed shifter

- James Herron