2014 May Car of the Month - Clint Debusk

Clint Debusk's black 1969 Ford Mustang
Clint Debusk's 1969 Ford Mustang
My first 1969 mustang was purchased in 1977 from my next door neighbor for $775. They wanted $800 but a lower price was negotiated.
That first mustang brought me through high school along with a unreliable 1968 Firebird and my 1973 ford truck inherited from my grandad.
With more than 100k miles driven the first three years of ownership the car had proven itself as a great car.
I left my hometown after high-school with only what would fit in that old 69. It was 10 years old and parts were getting scarce since at the time Detroit considered a  10 year old car obsolete.
And since I was in a construction career the old car was not practical. So I purchased a 1975 F150 4wd for work. The car sat at home.
One night the Neighbor left his yard sprinkler on all night and a large tree had lost footing and landed on the old 69 and that was it for the old girl after all the miles keeping me safe.
Fast forward to the 80s.
A friend had a 69 for sale and after negotiations I purchased it for $1500 and did a lot of fix up. At this time parts were starting to become available from after market sources.
I joined a new club in Austin called MOCA and attended several car shows.
As with the first 69 I moved on with my life and got married and had kids and the car sat.
One night there was a big ice storm and I heard a big crash and it again was a large tree that put a end to that old 69.
Fast forward to 2006.
After a long drawn out divorce and kids almost grown I set out to replace that old 69.
After a exhaustive search I found 69 #3 in Seattle Washington 2500 miles away
She is factory raven black on black with deluxe black interior with a 4 speed ,351c, and this one cost much more than. #1 or #2. Now parts are readily available and I am once again a member of MOCA Old #3 stays in a garage away from trees when not on a Sunday cruse or at a weekend car show. Hope this one stays around long enough for the next generation of 69 lovers.

34th Annual Mustang and Ford Roundup

On Saturday September 13th the Mustang Owners Club of Austin (MOCA) is proud to present
our 34th Annual Mustang & Ford Round Up at the Mac Haik Ford Dealership in Georgetown.
7201 Interstate 35, Frontage Road (north bound side)
Georgetown, Texas 78628
The show will help support our charity SafePlace
Registration 8:30-10:30 AM
Trophy Presentation 3:00 PM
Rain Date September 27, 2014
For more information see the Car Shows page

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