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2017 April Car of the Month

Mitch and Cecilia's CC

How lucky can a guy get – the car and the girl with the lipstick to march?


Check out the ad that Ford placed back in the day (see pic). How cool might it have been to win a car in the color of the girl’s lipstick.

Well, that didn’t work out too good for me at the time, but…..

Time has a way of working magic!

CC’s favorite saying is “What I’m looking for is looking for me.”

I say, “what dominates one’s thoughts becomes reality.”

Either way, having a 60s Mustang has been on my mind since the summer of ’64. Sure guys of 9 years old love cool cars. It’s as true today as it was then. I saw one for the first time when the Mom of a friend of mine at the Southwest YMCA in Houston drove up to the Y to pick him up that summer in her new green Mustang. I was smitten to say the least.

Fast forward a bunch of years. Google searches for help with this led me to and Mark Logan, President and CEO of SW Dynamic Motorsports LLC. I have to say without Mark I imagine I might have settled for something that wasn’t 100% what I wanted.

Long story short, Mark found my 1967 Mustang in Mariposa, California. He had professionally inspected and negotiated what is certainly a better price than I could have on my own and had it shipped.

Soon enough it arrived in Dallas where Mike Grubbs of Grubbs Mortor Sports spiffed it up. Mainly we added front disc brakes and factory in-dash air conditioning as well as a period looking radio and speakers in the kick panel. To the eye, only the speakers might reveal that something had been changed from the way it was originally delivered.

For inquiring minds, it is painted the same Candapple Red as it came from the factory and has the same 289HP power plant. Interestingly, I have th original owners manual which has not only the owners name and address, but also the date of sale, which incidentally matches the date on the Marti Report.

The current picture of my Mustang is a recreation of the original ad I mentioned above. I guess one can never truly go home, but in my minds eye I still see that ’64 Mustang every time I see my ’67 Mustang. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah, I got way, way lucky – the car and the girl !!!

Cruise to Fredericksburg - April 22, 2017

Here's a short video of the cruise:

10th Annual MOCA Spring Car Show

Thanks to all our sponsors and participants for making our 10th annual MOCA Spring Car show a success!

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The winners (in no particular order):

2016 January Car of the Month

Kelly's 1966 Fastback

Hello! My name is Kelly Hattori, and my 1966 fastback is the CotM. Boy does this car have a history… one that’s hard to encapsulate in a short readable document, but I’ll give it my best shot.
Meet Calamity Jane. This car has been a major fixture in my life since 2010, when I bought her as a clueless 19-year-old. I had set my heart on building a perfect vintage daily driver – despite not even knowing how to change a tire at the time – and Jane was the perfect starting point. Originally an I6 auto car with no options, a previous owner had long ago put in a hopped-up 289 V8 and a 4 speed with a 9” 3.23 rear. The body was more or less good (barring the passenger side floor pan, which it turned out wasn’t actually welded to the frame), the paint was great at 20 feet, and she ran and drove beautifully. This car came with no previous known history, a sad state of affairs which I quickly remedied.
I took this car and spent three years making it my own. The goal was to build a car that looked like a “dressed up” stock car with a very vintage feel but some stealth modifications for improved drivability. I added power disc brakes, a power rack and pinion, A/C, Fox Body Mustang seats (recovered to look like ’66 seats), 3-point seatbelts, fuel injection, better charging and wiring, subframe connectors, and a whole host of other smaller goodies. My “minor project car” turned into a full-blown restoration obsession. Somewhere along the line I befriended a master bodyman and painter, who fixed some minor rust issues and put on a show-quality paint job. I went from a know-nothing nobody to a genuine car enthusiast and hot rodder because of this car.
I declared the car “finished” on April 22, 2013. Three days later, I was rear-ended by a distracted driver going 40 mph faster than I was. Jane took care of me and I walked away without a single bruise. But she was in ruins. My perfect, beautiful car… destroyed. It was the worst day of my life. But I’m not one to let things sit, so I set about saving Jane. Insurance came through, my friend put Jane back in his shop, and on December 23rd she rolled out looking better than new.
I spent another 4 months going through a bunch of other minor wreck-related issues that needed to be remedied (for example, the entire rear of the interior had shattered). I put her back on the road for the first time at 1AM the night before traveling to the Mustang 50th Anniversary in Charlotte, NC – almost a year exactly after the wreck. We had a ball at the 50th! But I wasn’t quite satisfied with our “comeback of the year”, as it had been dubbed.
So that summer, I took a road trip. A really long road trip. A two-month-long, 10,000+ mile road trip that took me from one end of the US to the other. It turns out that camping out of a 1966 Mustang fastback is more fun than anything I could possibly even imagine. Jane was perfect the whole way round the country and I have countless photos of her against the best backdrops this country has to offer.
Since then I’ve moved a few times, and Jane always comes with me as my faithful road trip monster and daily driver. I rebuilt the engine this past December so it’s ready for a few more laps around the United States. This year, I’ll be headed up to Colorado for a couple of weeks in June and to Reno for Hot August Nights in August! Can’t wait.
If you’d like to read the long version of Jane’s story, check out my blog “A Map and a Mustang”.

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