2015 May Car of the Month

2015 Mustang GT with Performance Pack
Adrian's 2015 Mustang GT with the Performance Pack

It is a 2015 Mustang GT with the performance package. With the package, the front brakes are six-piston Brembos with fixed aluminum calipers clamping 15.0-inch rotors. The final-drive ratio is 3.73:1 and a Torsen differential is specified. Up front, it wears the same 255/40R19 Y-speed Pirellis and 19.0- x 9.5-inch Ebony black wheels and at the rear the GT version wears 275/40R19 Pirelli shoes on 19.0- x 9.5-inch wheels.
A strut-tower brace and a unique front splitter, which directs cooling air to the brakes, complete the package. I also got the upgraded Sound and Navigation package which equips the car with a 12 speaker Shaker Audio system. It also comes equipped with a collision detection system, blind spot warning system and an adaptive cruise control system. I fell in love with the car when I saw pictures of it from its launch show. I am from Singapore and the Mustang never found its way there or will find its way there. Singapore is the costliest country in the world to own a car. For comparison, a brand new Toyota Corolla in Singapore costs about USD85,000 and its about USD18,000 here. That's a difference of USD67,000. I do not know how long I will be here so if not now, then when is the best time to get a Mustang? I have owned a Subaru WRX STi and driven many other turbo charged vehicles with a 4 cycliner engine but never a naturally aspirated vehicle with big displacement.
I needed/wanted to drive a big V-engine and that’s why I decided on the Mustang. It's not like I have a bucket list but if I do, I have 1 thing less to do. I also added the Stainless Works H-pipe catback exhaust system. The sound on this system is deep and bassy which is how I like it. I may add a new intake and tune the vehicle in the future but for now, I am more than happy with the ride as it is. The ride has so far been all I expected all of it. I'm looking forward to someday bringing it out on to the track someday and having some fun with it. And, finally, my ride is not purple, it's Deep Impact BLUE. I've always like the color blue but never seem to be able to own a blue car until now.

Thank you to all of our suppliers for help with our spring show

I would like to take this opportunity to THANK Dell Diamond, all the volunteers and all the trophy sponsors for our Spring Open Car Show.
The trophy sponsors included: A-Line Auto Parts, Central Texas Classic Cars, Hamilton & Associates, Mac Haik Ford and Morris Glass.
The show was VERY successful, we had 122 registered cars and LOTS of spectators and participants. I’d also like to thank everyone that contributed dry good items for SafePlace – it was very much appreciated. We were also able to provide SafePlace with a good cash donation from car show.

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