2017 September Car of the Month

Kristina's Lava Red

I've always liked pushing the pedal to the metal, so I finally decided that it was time I get some real American muscle. When I began shopping around for that perfect Stang I came upon this 2012 beauty. Although it was an automatic V6 I couldn't let her get away.. (after further thinking it could help prevent me from getting speeding tickets).
I brought it home and immediately got on the computer and started to find ways to modify it. I have added louvers, tinted the windows and spiced up the wheels...
Lava Red was a limited production color, and only available in the year 2012. Japan was responsible for making the metallic red flakes that came in the paint, after the earthquake on March 11th production was no longer possible. Making this often mistaken for black color, a very rare option.
After all the 3.7 liter Mustang turbo swapped videos on YouTube, beating GT's and the infamous videos of one smoking a modded GTR, I still plan on making my dream come true turning this thing into a beast! It's my true pride and joy and hopefully just the first of many I will have in my collection.