2014 November Car of the Month

Larry Merkin's 2011 GT500

The first mustang I drove was a 1965 that my mom drove as the family’s second car.
[On]Days when she did not need the car, I got to drive it to high school during my junior and senior years.
The first new car that I owned was a 1969 Mustang hard top coupe.
It was maroon metallic with a black vinyl top.
It was a 302 v-8 with automatic transmission and air conditioning.
I bought it new the day before I went into the US Air Force in Oct 1968 for $3200 cash.
When I got it I only got to drive it for half a day before I went into Air Force basic training and did not get to drive it till February 1969.
I was stationed in Denver Colorado at Lowry Air Force base in tech school for air to air guided missiles.
I modified it with an Edelbrock aluminum high rise manifold and a Holley 4 barrel carburetor.
I bought the hood scoop and the air cleaner from Ford that sealed up under the hood for cold air intake through the scoop.
I also went to Ford and bought the 8 track radio and installed it and the speakers myself.
As everyone says, I wish I still had that car.

In January 2011, I decided that I wanted a mustang again.
I went on the Ford web site looking at cars and thought I would probably get a mustang GT.
There was something on the web site about build your dream car.
I picked a GT500 in white, silver or gray.
The next week the San Marcos dealer emailed that they had a Sterling Gray Metallic.
I went in to look at it and they said it had only 10 miles on it and did not let everyone test drive it unless they were really interested.
I said was really interested and had $20,000 saved up to put down on it.
So I went for a test drive and then they opened the hood to show me the engine.
It has a plate on the valve cover with the names of the two guys that built the engine.
One of the two’s first name was Larry and I said well it has my name on. Let’s do the paperwork.
I drove it home that day and brought in my down payment the next day.

The car came with 550 hp engine output.
I have modified it with a Whipple 2.9 super charger, Ford Racing throttle body, and a JLT larger cold air intake.
Also an AFCO dual pass heat exchanger for the inter-cooler.
Also a one piece aluminum drive shaft, adjustable upper control link, and lower control arms with stiffer bushings.
Also a Kenne Bell electronic boost-a-pump for the fuel.
Then a remote John Lund tune through Maximum Velocity Performance in San Antonio.
Run on their Mustang Dynamometer plots at the rear wheels 634 Hp, 555 ft-lbs torque, and 17.7 psi boost.
A Dynojet Dynamometer reads about 10% higher readings than a Mustang Dynamoneter, I hear.
That would be 697 HP on a Dynojet Dynamometer.
This is the engine mod that Shelby does to make a level one 750 hp super snake.
Shelby charges about $30-40 thousand and does other exterior and interior mods with badging.
I have put about $14,900 into the car so far after purchase.

I have attended the Texas mile five times making about 10 runs each time.
The fastest run was 180.8 MPH in March of 2013.

In April of 2014 I drove to the 50th Mustang celebration in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
On the last day you could make 2 laps on the NASCAR oval track.
They had 15 mustangs at a time with a pace car in the front limiting your speed to about 60-70 MPH.
You were not allowed to pass, I laid back and got a large gap between me and the car in front, then accelerated and got up to 110 MPH.
My license plate is BD*SNAKE standing for Bad Snake, you could only use 7 letters.
I am very proud of the car. I thank the club for being car of the month.

2014 September Car of the Month

A picture of Tony and Jana's 2006 Mustang
Tony and Jana's 2006 Mustang

I had always wanted a Mustang, in fact I almost bought a Maroon ’66 in the 80s.
I was watching the Detroit Auto Show when Ford unveiled the 2005 prototype, and right then I decided I was getting one. Every so often I would ask my wife (Jana) if we could trade in the F-150 on a Mustang, and she always said not right now. On Thanksgiving weekend 2006 I asked Jana if we could trade the truck for a Mustang, and she said YES, and I drove straight to Red Simon Ford in San Marcos, and that night I had my Mustang.
It had vinyl Lemans Stripes, I had them taken off and painted on, and put on a hood scoop. After that a chrome Ford Racing cold air in-take, and I started chroming the engine one piece at a time. The wheels are stock, I change the inserts from silver to black, and added a chin spoiler. I am on my third exhaust, it is currently and SLP Loudmouth Muffler Delete System. We have been members of MOCA since 2008, and we have entered it in 6 MOCA Round-Ups, and have won my class twice and have received 3 Class Awards. We have also entered in 5 San Antonio Mustang shows and have 2 wins and 2 second places.

Tony & Jana Sabatino

2014 August Car of the Month

Ron's 2014 California Special
Ron's 2014 California Special
This is my 2014 Mustang GT/CS(California Special). I
bought it online from AutoNation Ford in Katy, TX in October, 2013, just before
I joined MOCA. Options are:
6-Speed Select Shift Automatic
Electronics Package with Navigation
Shaker Pro Sound System
California Special package is cosmetic and includes
pedestal rear spoiler, side scoops, side and hood stripes, and GT/CS
embellished floor mats and front seats.
I really wasn't looking for the navigation system
or optional sound system, but it was in the car and the dealer made it worth my
while.  The sound system has a subwoofer in the trunk which takes up
some space but really sounds great. It has 3.15 rear gears. I wish it had
3.55 or 3.73 rear gears, but for my type of driving, 3.15 is fine. It gets
great gas mileage. This Mustang is not my daily driver so I've kept the miles
down. I've added Ford Racing GT500 mufflers, and plan
to add cold air induction. These are all the changes I'm planning. I've
considered a single flat ghost stripe down the center of the car, but I afraid
it would be an overkill with the existing stripes.
This is my second Mustang, the first was a 2011 GT
Premium, with a 6 speed stand transmission, also solid black. I entered it
in the 2011 MOCA Roundup and won third place in my class. This 2014 will
probably be my last Mustang, unless it isn't.
Thank you for the
Ron K

2014 June Car of the Month - Ryan Whitman

Ryan's 2005 Roush Mustang
Ryan's 2005 Roush Mustang

MOCA member Ryan Whitman owner of Wimberley Automotive says:
My 2005 Roush Stage 1 was purchased new in 2006 from Blue Bonnet Motors.
Since then many modifications including a Procharger as well as custom tuning by PSI performance, producing 505HP at the wheels at 10PSI have been done.
Many interior and exterior modifications including FR500 black chrome wheels and a carbon fiber hood as well as interior accents that came from Roush Performance.
I brought my Mustang to the Show n Shine at the Cottonseed Cafe and Deli in Martindale in June hosted by the Mustang Owners Club of Austin where it was chosen as Car of the Month.