2015 April Car of the Month

Robert's 1999 35th Anniversary Mustang GT

1999 Mustang GT 35th Anniversary Limited Edition
It is great having our car nominated for Car of the Month.
We bought the Mustang new from Draeger Ford in Georgetown.
It was first used by my wife to go back and forth to work every day. It was then retired to the barn and only comes out for fun drives and car shows.
Our 11 year old grandson tells everyone it is his Mustang and his Pop is keeping it for him.
He is right.
The unique features of the limited edition are: body-color hood scoop, body-color deck lid spoiler, body-color side scoops, body-color rocker panel molding, black deck lid applique between tail lamps, black tape applique on hood, 17" x 8" bright machined 5 spoke aluminum wheels with unique galloping pony logo, four color choices; black, silver, white and red, black leather seats with silver leather inserts with pony logos on upper seat backs of front seats, carpeted floor mats with 35th Anniversary logos, silver leather door trim inserts, instrument cluster with gray mask and 35th Anniversary script.
There were 4628 limited editions built, 2318 coupes and 2310 convertibles.
1555 red
1299 black,
1259 silver and
only 515 white which ours is one of.
This limited edition option was $2695.
We love our Mustang and will keep it for our grandson.

2015 March Car of the Month

1966 Ford Mustang Sprint 200
Billy and Elaine Cox's 1966 Sprint 200

Our 1966 Mustang Sprint 200 Coupe was purchased in 2012 in Bryan/College Station, Texas. My wife and I have owned several mustangs throughout the years.
The price was right so the purchase was made. We are the fourth owner of this fantastic mustang coupe; and, are members of MOCA, MCOA, and M6A.
The mustang data plate provides the following:
65B Body Hardtop Luxury
V Color Emberglo Metallic
Date OID April 1
DSO 72 San Jose
Trans 6 Automatic
The vehicle has power steering and air conditioning. The only thing not included is the Rally Pac.
The car was recently repainted in March 2015 and new tires make for one nice Mustang Sprint 200 Classic.
The information and photos provided of our mustang makes for one special vehicle.

2015 February Car of the Month

Virginia's 2011 Mustang GT California Special

2011 Mustang GT California Special

It's a pleasure having my Mustang selected as Car Of The Month

I was tired of my 11 year old commuter with 217,000 miles. It's like the Energizer bunny it just keeps going and going. It's hard to replace a relic.

So I told my son I wanted to shop for a new car, he says ok mom let's go. It was his love for the pony that started it all. We all agreed it had to be black, fast and fun.
I had no idea how fast this car was until I got it sideways playing around with it.

I thought it would be about going fast but it's not, it's all about the thrust of being pushed to the back of your seat as you rip though the gears. It's the wiggle of the rear end from 3rd to 4th that makes me smile. It's the purr of the engine and the pride I take when I lift the hood.

A recent upgrade courtesy of Santa brought the new Roush Cold Air Intake and Exhaust System. I thought that would be it for a while until I spotted something else the other day that I think will be a great addition.

While I still commute in the old one my Mustang sits quietly in the garage just waiting for the weekend and another great MOCA event. Me too!!

2015 January Car of the Month

Mike's 2015 Mustang GT Premium with the Performance Pack

I was looking for a car to replace my nine year old Mazdaspeed6 and could not find anything that made my heart go “pity-pat”.
I tried on a couple imports, I almost bought a Subaru BRZ but I did not fit in it that well. I wasn’t that impressed with the 2014 Mustang I drove either.
Then the first pictures of the new for 2015 Mustang appeared. Having had two Mustangs previously, a new 1967 289 Coupe and a used 1964 ½ 260 Coupe, I started gathering all the information I could find on the 2015. I called Covert Ford in Hutto, TX and made an appointment with the Internet sales person.
I went out to see them on June 29, 2014 and in less than an hour I had ordered a new Mustang, sight unseen! I had to make a few tough decisions that day: what color. . . .
Competition Orange or Triple Yellow or??, what seats. . . .
Recaros or not, and any other options I wanted? I went with my gut and ordered a GT Premium in Competition Orange
with the Performance Package and Premium interior. I lucked out with the standard seats as the Recaros were not designed
for person of my girth and you also lose heat, ac and the power adjustments. Then the wait began. I followed the production processing on and looked forward to each update. It arrived in Hutto on October 27, 2014 and I drove it home on the 29th.
So far I have added hood struts, a Craig’s license plate bracket (no holes to drill) and Tint.
I have almost 3600 miles on it so far. I haven’t come up with a name for it yet.

Mike Schubert

2014 December Car of the Month

Greg and Pam's GT350

Thanks for selecting the 1966 GT350 as the "Car of the Month." Pam and I have had the honor being the temporary
keepers of SFM6S264 since 1980. Back then, it commanded the same price as a brand-new GT Mustang.

The GT350 was shipped to Williams Ford in Connecticut on November 15, 1965 according to our original documents from Shelby American.
In 2009, we received a special phone call from the original owner asking about the car!

Through the years it has provided an avenue for a lifestyle that includes vintage races, Shelby American events and casual meetings with famous people: Carroll Shelby, Pete Brock, George Follmer, Parnelli Jones, just to name-drop a few. A highlight in this family's life came in 1991 when Carroll Shelby was about to be inducted in the San Diego Automotive Hall of Fame. J. Bittle arranged for #264 to be included in the static displays of Shelbys, Cobras, Tigers and Griffiths. After the induction ceremonies, we invited Carroll Shelby to autograph the cars on display while I took photos.

In 2003, I swapped out the original C4 (yes, an automatic transmission in an early non-Hertz GT350!) In its place went a T5 from a 1993 Cobra Mustang. By using early-model clutch linkage, and custom brackets, the only body modification is the factory-correct hole for the clutch linkage through the firewall. In 2009, I changed the engine to a Roush 342R, which came with a dyno sheet showing 461HP/419Torque at the flywheel. Not bad for a sub-3000-pound car! The “matching numbers” engine and transmission are bagged and tagged for posterity.

This Christmas, the car will be treated to a new front suspension, including tubular upper and lower control arms. #264 still has the original frame and sheet metal, although the 34-year-old paint is looking a bit tired. It still has many original parts including the carpet, glass, plexiglas rear-quarter windows and over-ride traction bars.

Although we can't make many of the outings and events, we thoroughly enjoyed our time with the fine driving enthusiasts of MOCA during the recent Painted Churches Tour.

Thanks again for honoring us this month!
Greg and Pam Drake