2015 June Car of the Month

1973 Mustang Sports Roof
The Vigee's 1973 Mustang Sports Roof

I purchased my mustang in the summer of 1987 while serving in the military for $3.500 dollars. This was my wife and I first car that we purchased together after we got married and served as our daily driver from 1987 to 1989.
In 1989 I was deployed out of the country so the mustang sat in a garage until my return in 1991. After returning we decided to purchase another car and soon we lost interest in driving an old car. We moved around a little and with every move the car was required to sit in a garage while my new cars sat in the weather. In 2010 after years of looking at this extremely dusty mustang my wife and I decided to put it back on the road.
The car was in great shape from sitting indoors for so many years. During the dis-assembly under the carpet we found the original build sheet (awesome find). When we pulled the motor and drive train we found the vin numbers both were also original to the car, fenders came off and you guested it vin numbers matched on the shock towers. However the driver’s side door had been changed showing it was a Mach 1 on the door tag. This was why I purchased the car to start with.
Well with everything matching we decided to do a restoration, so swapped out the lazy 351 2v and the FMX for a 429cj with a C6 tranny, pulled the 2:78 gears in the rear and replaced with 3:90 positive unit. Oh what a blast to drive now. Anything and everything that was change is stored to one day go back into the car.
Although we were very upset about the mustang not being a true Mach 1 we decided to see what we really had. So we got a Deluxe Marti Report and when we got it we had a pleasant surprise in store for us.
So by the numbers:
• 134,867 1973 mustangs,
• 10,821 were Standard Sprotsroofs. Of them
• 4,350 were built with a352-2v Engines, of which
• 3,392 came with FMX Automatic Transmissions.
• 368 of those were painted Medium Copper Metallic and
• 49 of those had Ginger Knitted Décor Bucket Seats.
• 30 of thee came with Air Conditioners.
• 6 of them had F70x14 Raised White Letter Tires, of which
• 3 were equipped with Rear Bumper Guards. Of them
• 1 was produced with Clear Glass and surprise it is MINE!

2015 May Car of the Month

2015 Mustang GT with Performance Pack
Adrian's 2015 Mustang GT with the Performance Pack

It is a 2015 Mustang GT with the performance package. With the package, the front brakes are six-piston Brembos with fixed aluminum calipers clamping 15.0-inch rotors. The final-drive ratio is 3.73:1 and a Torsen differential is specified. Up front, it wears the same 255/40R19 Y-speed Pirellis and 19.0- x 9.5-inch Ebony black wheels and at the rear the GT version wears 275/40R19 Pirelli shoes on 19.0- x 9.5-inch wheels.
A strut-tower brace and a unique front splitter, which directs cooling air to the brakes, complete the package. I also got the upgraded Sound and Navigation package which equips the car with a 12 speaker Shaker Audio system. It also comes equipped with a collision detection system, blind spot warning system and an adaptive cruise control system. I fell in love with the car when I saw pictures of it from its launch show. I am from Singapore and the Mustang never found its way there or will find its way there. Singapore is the costliest country in the world to own a car. For comparison, a brand new Toyota Corolla in Singapore costs about USD85,000 and its about USD18,000 here. That's a difference of USD67,000. I do not know how long I will be here so if not now, then when is the best time to get a Mustang? I have owned a Subaru WRX STi and driven many other turbo charged vehicles with a 4 cycliner engine but never a naturally aspirated vehicle with big displacement.
I needed/wanted to drive a big V-engine and that’s why I decided on the Mustang. It's not like I have a bucket list but if I do, I have 1 thing less to do. I also added the Stainless Works H-pipe catback exhaust system. The sound on this system is deep and bassy which is how I like it. I may add a new intake and tune the vehicle in the future but for now, I am more than happy with the ride as it is. The ride has so far been all I expected all of it. I'm looking forward to someday bringing it out on to the track someday and having some fun with it. And, finally, my ride is not purple, it's Deep Impact BLUE. I've always like the color blue but never seem to be able to own a blue car until now.

2015 April Car of the Month

Robert's 1999 35th Anniversary Mustang GT

1999 Mustang GT 35th Anniversary Limited Edition
It is great having our car nominated for Car of the Month.
We bought the Mustang new from Draeger Ford in Georgetown.
It was first used by my wife to go back and forth to work every day. It was then retired to the barn and only comes out for fun drives and car shows.
Our 11 year old grandson tells everyone it is his Mustang and his Pop is keeping it for him.
He is right.
The unique features of the limited edition are: body-color hood scoop, body-color deck lid spoiler, body-color side scoops, body-color rocker panel molding, black deck lid applique between tail lamps, black tape applique on hood, 17" x 8" bright machined 5 spoke aluminum wheels with unique galloping pony logo, four color choices; black, silver, white and red, black leather seats with silver leather inserts with pony logos on upper seat backs of front seats, carpeted floor mats with 35th Anniversary logos, silver leather door trim inserts, instrument cluster with gray mask and 35th Anniversary script.
There were 4628 limited editions built, 2318 coupes and 2310 convertibles.
1555 red
1299 black,
1259 silver and
only 515 white which ours is one of.
This limited edition option was $2695.
We love our Mustang and will keep it for our grandson.

2015 March Car of the Month

1966 Ford Mustang Sprint 200
Billy and Elaine Cox's 1966 Sprint 200

Our 1966 Mustang Sprint 200 Coupe was purchased in 2012 in Bryan/College Station, Texas. My wife and I have owned several mustangs throughout the years.
The price was right so the purchase was made. We are the fourth owner of this fantastic mustang coupe; and, are members of MOCA, MCOA, and M6A.
The mustang data plate provides the following:
65B Body Hardtop Luxury
V Color Emberglo Metallic
Date OID April 1
DSO 72 San Jose
Trans 6 Automatic
The vehicle has power steering and air conditioning. The only thing not included is the Rally Pac.
The car was recently repainted in March 2015 and new tires make for one nice Mustang Sprint 200 Classic.
The information and photos provided of our mustang makes for one special vehicle.

2015 February Car of the Month

Virginia's 2011 Mustang GT California Special

2011 Mustang GT California Special

It's a pleasure having my Mustang selected as Car Of The Month

I was tired of my 11 year old commuter with 217,000 miles. It's like the Energizer bunny it just keeps going and going. It's hard to replace a relic.

So I told my son I wanted to shop for a new car, he says ok mom let's go. It was his love for the pony that started it all. We all agreed it had to be black, fast and fun.
I had no idea how fast this car was until I got it sideways playing around with it.

I thought it would be about going fast but it's not, it's all about the thrust of being pushed to the back of your seat as you rip though the gears. It's the wiggle of the rear end from 3rd to 4th that makes me smile. It's the purr of the engine and the pride I take when I lift the hood.

A recent upgrade courtesy of Santa brought the new Roush Cold Air Intake and Exhaust System. I thought that would be it for a while until I spotted something else the other day that I think will be a great addition.

While I still commute in the old one my Mustang sits quietly in the garage just waiting for the weekend and another great MOCA event. Me too!!