2016 Febraury Car of the Month

Kevin and Jessica's Convertable Mustang

We purchased our Mustang in November 2010, from a Ford dealer in Aberdeen, WA where we were living at the time. When we went to test drive and purchase the car, as soon as the salesman started it up I knew it was something special, it did not sound stock. The salesman opened the hood, and low and behold sitting on top of the motor was a Saleen supercharger. I knew immediately I had to have it and couldn't sign the paperwork fast enough. We joined two car clubs shortly after the purchase, which kept us busy on the weekends. We put several miles on the car from site seeing the beautiful pacific northwest, going to different car shows, and local parades. Since we have owned the car we have added new wheels and tires, a keyless proximity system with pushbutton start, BBK 62mm throttle body, Hid headlights/fog lights, braided stainless brake lines, drilled and slotted rotors, and Boss 302 inspired stripes. We moved back home to central Texas in May of 2015 and are looking forward to the events coming up.

Kevin and Jessica Detwiler

2016 January Car of the Month

Kelly's 1966 Fastback

Hello! My name is Kelly Hattori, and my 1966 fastback is the CotM. Boy does this car have a history… one that’s hard to encapsulate in a short readable document, but I’ll give it my best shot.
Meet Calamity Jane. This car has been a major fixture in my life since 2010, when I bought her as a clueless 19-year-old. I had set my heart on building a perfect vintage daily driver – despite not even knowing how to change a tire at the time – and Jane was the perfect starting point. Originally an I6 auto car with no options, a previous owner had long ago put in a hopped-up 289 V8 and a 4 speed with a 9” 3.23 rear. The body was more or less good (barring the passenger side floor pan, which it turned out wasn’t actually welded to the frame), the paint was great at 20 feet, and she ran and drove beautifully. This car came with no previous known history, a sad state of affairs which I quickly remedied.
I took this car and spent three years making it my own. The goal was to build a car that looked like a “dressed up” stock car with a very vintage feel but some stealth modifications for improved drivability. I added power disc brakes, a power rack and pinion, A/C, Fox Body Mustang seats (recovered to look like ’66 seats), 3-point seatbelts, fuel injection, better charging and wiring, subframe connectors, and a whole host of other smaller goodies. My “minor project car” turned into a full-blown restoration obsession. Somewhere along the line I befriended a master bodyman and painter, who fixed some minor rust issues and put on a show-quality paint job. I went from a know-nothing nobody to a genuine car enthusiast and hot rodder because of this car.
I declared the car “finished” on April 22, 2013. Three days later, I was rear-ended by a distracted driver going 40 mph faster than I was. Jane took care of me and I walked away without a single bruise. But she was in ruins. My perfect, beautiful car… destroyed. It was the worst day of my life. But I’m not one to let things sit, so I set about saving Jane. Insurance came through, my friend put Jane back in his shop, and on December 23rd she rolled out looking better than new.
I spent another 4 months going through a bunch of other minor wreck-related issues that needed to be remedied (for example, the entire rear of the interior had shattered). I put her back on the road for the first time at 1AM the night before traveling to the Mustang 50th Anniversary in Charlotte, NC – almost a year exactly after the wreck. We had a ball at the 50th! But I wasn’t quite satisfied with our “comeback of the year”, as it had been dubbed.
So that summer, I took a road trip. A really long road trip. A two-month-long, 10,000+ mile road trip that took me from one end of the US to the other. It turns out that camping out of a 1966 Mustang fastback is more fun than anything I could possibly even imagine. Jane was perfect the whole way round the country and I have countless photos of her against the best backdrops this country has to offer.
Since then I’ve moved a few times, and Jane always comes with me as my faithful road trip monster and daily driver. I rebuilt the engine this past December so it’s ready for a few more laps around the United States. This year, I’ll be headed up to Colorado for a couple of weeks in June and to Reno for Hot August Nights in August! Can’t wait.
If you’d like to read the long version of Jane’s story, check out my blog “A Map and a Mustang”.

2015 December Car of the Month

Patrick's 1965 Mustang GT Fastback

This is a 1965 Mustang Fastback GT. I bought it from the Original owner last November.
The car is all original, with the numbers matching and a High Performance 289/ 4 barrel, 1 re-paint, and only 48,000 miles on her !
I also have a 2007 GT.
Looking forward to the Mustang Club outings soon!

2015 November Car of the Month

James & Liz Patterson’s 1966 Convertible Mustang

We purchased this 1966 Convertible Mustang in 2012 to cruise with the top down and enjoy the surrounding area and parts of Texas. We enjoy taking it and our German Spitz puppy for rides in the hill country and explore the small towns we run across. We have owned five different classic Mustangs over the past 35 years but have enjoyed this one the most.
The car is equipped with 289 cu. in, 4 barrel, automatic, dual exhaust drive train. It has a white top, with parchment color Pony Interior, AC, AM-FM radio, Power Steering and Power Disc Brakes.
When we bought it in 2012, it was in fairly good shape with some minor door dings and scratches along with some minor mechanical issues. Two years ago, we stripped it down and had the car repainted inside and out. We purchased an extra trunk lid so we could swap out trunk lids with a mounted trunk luggage rack when we desired a different look. We added power front disc brakes for safety reasons. We upgraded the AM radio to an AM-FM Ford replica stereo system. We repaired and replaced various mechanical items to bring it up to a reliable cruising classic Mustang. We have and are continuing to work on the details towards further restoration.

2015 October Car of the Month

A 1967 Mustang
Bob's 1967 Mustang

Thanks for honoring my Mustang with the October 2015 Mustang Owners Club of Austin Car-of-the-Month award. This is my second Mustang. The first was a brand new 1966 Fastback “K” Car. Several months after purchasing it I decided to sell in favor of purchasing a home. The Mustang fever stayed with me and in January 1968 on a lot in San Jose, CA. I found a new 1967 “S” Code GT Coupe in Springtime Yellow with Black Interior, 4 Speed, Posi-traction 3.50:1 gears, and a 390 CI. After a short test drive and the feel of power and torque from the FE engine, I had to have it. I struck a deal and took it home.
I now had my 2nd Mustang and still have it after 47 years. In 1971 the 390 CI was replaced with a 428 Cobra Jet and a color change. The car continued duty as a family car while doing a few car shows until we relocated to Austin in 1982. In Austin a few more modifications were added; rear disc brakes, exhaust system, wheels, and a reverse cowl hood.
The car remained pretty much unchanged until 1996 when we relocated to Colorado. While there the car started to take on a new life and look of a purpose built Open Road Race Car while still doing shows and club events. The modifications continued after coming back to Austin in 2002. The car now has a 428 CJ built to 465 CI, a TKO 5 Speed, Fuel Cell, 4 point roll bar, 16” wheels, rack and pinion steering, many suspension modifications, things that attempt to keep it running cool, much needed safety equipment, and enough gauges to keep me posted on the health of what is going on under the hood.
Oh, and yes, the car is street legal. The car has won well over 100 car show awards, been a cover car on Popular Hot Rodding magazine and a featured car in Mustang Illustrated magazines while surviving several open road race events of distances up to 118 miles, with 120 turns, and speeds in excess of 150 MPH.

Thanks again for the honor,
Bob White