2016 July Car Of The Month

Jeremy's 1988 Saleen Convertible

This is my 1988 Saleen convertible #238. I bought this car about a year and have enjoyed cruising around in it on the weekends with my 2 little girls. They absolutely love getting in it with the top down and riding around town!
The car is about 90% original. The interior/exterior are in immaculate condition considering the age. The only things really not original on the car are the windshield banner (I have an original to replace the current one), the side stripes are missing (I have those as well), and the stereo was replaced (I have the original stereo as well).
I don’t plan on making any modifications to this car. My only plans are to enjoy it on the weekends and maybe start entering some car shows with it.
Jeremy Waters

2016 June Car of the Month

Gordon's Red Convertible 1968 Shelby GT 500
Gordon's 1968 Shelby GT 500

Here are a few photos of my 68 Shelby GT 500 convertible.I have had it for 44 years as of June 7th of this year. I just attended the Hot Rod Magazine "POWER TOUR" at the formula 1 race track on the Lockhart Hwy. 1 getting to fly my Shelby around that track. I had the motor rebuilt in the last year and runs better than ever. I am hoping to take it to the Yellow Rose of Texas Show in Arlington in a couple of weeks. I have been to the Shelby National the last 2 years but skipped it this year because of Father's day.

2016 May Car of the Month

Mairin's 1965 Mustang GT

"My love of cars started young; an influence from my parents and especially from a close family friend, Mike, and his 1965 Mustang GT. I have so many memories of cruising up to the Sycamore Diner and cruise nights at Marcus Dairy in Connecticut. My fondest childhood memories are wrapped up in this car.

This past spring, when Mike decided to sell the mustang after 27 years of ownership, my husband, Chris, secretly contacted him about how they could work together to move it down from CT to Austin to surprise me, and for the mustang to have a new chapter with Chris, our two daughters, and me.

This past October I had the surprise of my life when Mike and the mustang pulled up in front of our home in Austin and I was handed the keys. I was waterworks for days, and I still cannot believe this car, that I've loved since I was a young girl is now parked in our driveway. I'm was so very honored, overwhelmed, grateful and humbled by the love that went into this gift. Here are some pictures of our new "baby". " - Mairin Epp

A video of the story Link

2016 April Car of the Month

Sam's Restored Convertable

In 2006 I bought this DWI impounded car from Yellow Medicine County MN. After 8 years of weekend warrior restoration while raising two kids and starting a business, she is a near complete driver.
Future plans are for a T5 transmission, and stoker small block to keep it fun. We recently moved to Lakeway and are thoroughly enjoying all the car shows in the hill country.

-Sam McGee

2016 March Car of the Month

Wayne's 2016 Convertable Mustang GT

2016 Mustang GT Convertible Gun Smoke Gray 5.0 with black top and black interior. Bought from Mac Haik, Georgetown.