2016 December Car of the Month

Jeremy & Terra Bibb - Project “Karen”

My wife and I have been married for 9 years, we were high school sweethearts, are best friends, and proud parents of 3 boys… yes 3! 2016 marks our 9th wedding anniversary and my wife’s 7th year as a Brain Cancer Warrior! I built this car with the intention of having a cool driver quality car that stands out from the crowd! Overall details were planned out to include what I hold most dear to me…. My family! “Team RCP Racing” is for my 3 boys Rylan, Conor, and Parker. The “09” stands for the 9 years my wife and I have been married, and the Texas backgrounds stand for the State I love! Plus what Motor Head doesn’t love the legendary Carroll Shelby and his numerous cool cars! All tied together with a few inside jokes and themes that play tribute to the days of the Trans Am Series Racing!This car started life as a 1968 Mustang Coupe, then we began the transformation by installing Global West Suspension, transplanted a 351W motor with GT40 heads and Cobra Fuel Injection mated to a T5 transmission, and A/C for the Texas heat of course, 4 wheel disk brakes, and last but notthe Iconic “Eleanor” Body Kit with a fantastic Faux-Patina. Sadly I just got the news that I blew the motor! Time for the 500 horsepower upgrade I guess! Motor on and give us a honk when you see us down the road.

2016 November Car of the Month

Geoff's 2016 Mustang GT/CS

Geoff's 2016 Mustang GT/CSThanks for allowing me to present my car to the MOCA COTM. I enjoyed looking at the pictures others posted to the COTM website, and all the stories shared. I believe that life is too short to drive a boring car. My car is a 2016 Mustang GT Premium with a California Special option package. It is my 3rd Mustang GT ( others were a black 2010 & red 2012). I enjoy detailing cars and am happiest with tools in hand. I am not a mechanic, but do know my way around a tool set fairly well. I have added Dynamat sound insulation ( for a quite highway ride), a catback exhaust from Ford Performance by BORLA ( for a louder city ride), a full size spare for peace of mind on the highway. I've changed out the running lights, back-up light and interior bulbs for LEDs. Added a 4th brake light LED ( adds red LED to reverse bulb). And window tint to date. Future plans include adding a Cold Air Intake and a Tuner Kit soon. Just need to choose the right brand. Also thinking about adding a dash-cam. That should do it. Thanks

2016 October Car of the Month

Greg and Daniece's 1969 Mustang Grande

I start the story with my wife whose first car was a 1969 coupe her dad bought for her after she turned sixteen.
My wife was born in October 1969. About 2 ½ years after received the car she was rear ended and it was a total loss.
Fast forward to 2016 and I decided that I should find a similar car and surprise her with it. After a few months of looking I found our car.
Surprise was avoided since we would have to drive to Missouri to buy and bring it home.
We arrived at a house near Springfield, Missouri with snow on the ground. We inspected, bought, and pulled it home.
It is a Grande Coupe, original miles (94,000ish), and restored to new.
The color is Lime Gold with a Black vinyl top. We are the third owners of this incredible car.
I am in the processes of going through the entire car.
Options are as follows: tinted windows, power brakes, front disc brakes, power steering, AM-8track and A/C.
Since acquiring our Mustang, we have taken the car to four car shows. We have been to Georgetown Airport and the Georgetown Poppy Fest parade.
At Freddy’s Burgers in Pflugerville we won Freddie’s Choice and then in Sun City Georgetown we won Outstanding in class.

Greg and Daniece Morgan
P.S. We also have a 2007 GT convertible and will be getting a 2019 when they come out so we can have two Mustangs 50 years apart.

2016 September Car of the Month

A 2014 Mustang with the premium pony package
Angela's 2014 Premium Pony Mustang

I call my car Red Hot .
We meet February 2015. Red Hot is a 2014 V6 Race Red with the premium pony package.
Since we have been together we have seen SXSW 2015 & 2016, crawfish broils in Houston, GT & GT500 at COTA (2015),
a trip to Brenham to tour Bluebell Ice Cream, MOTO GP at COTA 2016, and a bunch of other fun events that are too many to list.
I am hoping to have many more fun and exciting adventures with Red Hot.

- Regards,

2016 August Car of the Month

A 2015 mustang GT Premium
Victor's 2015 Mustang GT

Club members, I current sold my 2015 Mustang GT Premium 6 speed
manual 5.0. I had owned the car for 8 months and enjoyed driving the car
every day. The  car performed great and handled better than my previous
2014 Mustang GT Premium 5.0. I have been a Ford owner for over 30 years. Somebody
hit my 2015 mustang GT as it was parked outside a customer's location
and damaging the driver side quarter panel then left without a note. I was so
pissed that it happened that I traded the mustang GT in for 2016 F150
4x4 the next day. Looking to stay in mustang car club and purchase a
new Shelby mustang in the future for a weekend car only. I would like a
new Mustang Shelby 500 when they arrive. I still miss that car but
looking forward to the new 2017 or 2018 Shelby 500.Very much enjoy the update emails from the mustang club