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Boss 302 Book - From Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car

I received this book a little over a week ago. It goes over the history of the Boss 302 from it's inception to the new, present day, Boss 302. It has awesome pics that have never been shown before from the original design team, racing photos, motors, and comparisons with the Bullitt (that was supposed to be the Boss 302 before it was decided it didn't have the motor to back up the name.) I highly recommend this book if you are fans of the Boss 302. It's one of those great coffee table books that will keep getting looked at. ;)

Welcome to New Members

Lets give a BIG MOCA WELCOME to our newest members and their ponies.

First out of the barn is a 2011 Red Candy Metallic. V-6 Coupe driven by Roger & Vicki Krause.

Following a short distance by Son "Brian" driving a 2010 Black V-8 GT Coupe.

And what do ya know a couple who rode off the MOCA Trail a time back and re-hitched driving His and Hers ? 1967 Fastback Primer in Color and a 1984 GT350 Conv. White 302.Now we know which one she drives. "the Conv". Welcome back Thomas & Stephanie Lund.

Here is a couple that takes their pony out as a daily gallop around town, a 1966 Candy Red Conv., Steven & Mindy Gray.

Now if you ever go down to the watering hole you just might see this 1968 Acapulco Blue pony driven by Robert & Mary Mc Carthy.

And you have John & Eileen Keller who fitted their pony with a lot of Customized options. It is a 05 Red Conv. V-6. This is a real pony...I've seen it a couple times myself.

And last we have Drew Leonovich with two well groomed Ponies in his stall. A 1965 Silver Blue 289 (4.6) and a 2011 GT Red 302 (5.0). Real eye catchers.

PS; Looks like Terry, Lori and Darrell have the newsletter up and running again, go to MOCATX.COM click on Newsletter. While you're there check out all the other links.

Motor On,